Flickr user uses face, hands, fingers and Mac to illustrate the size of the Lumix G1

When it comes to the Lumix G1, Panansonic’s first compact-sized Micro Four Thirds SLR camera, there’s an unusual worry. The worry that it’s going to be too small. This is the fist time in gadget history that “too small” has been a possible issue.

SLRs need space. They have buttons and dials, plus that big lens you’ll be needing to rotate to stop the pictures being blurry. A small camera body might make that difficult, which has got big-handed people worried that the G1 might be too small and therefore a bit clumsy and dangerously droppable. So Flickr user Luc Saint-Elie took some pictures of it. Here it is, along with her fingers, in an active use scenario.


It seems to fit. Her fingers don’t seem painfully bunched…