Samsung Lucido, smartphone specs in a midrange phone


This is a sign of progress. Lucido is unashamedly not a high-end phone, but it’s got the kind of features and specs that we’re normally fairly impressed with. Are we in the future or something? I don’t feel different…

There’s HSDPA, aGPS, a 5-megapixel camera with various software goodies like face recognition and smile capture, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, and microSD slot. Best of all, though, is the AMOLED display, which stretches out across 2.2″ of the front of the phone.

The phone measures 114 x 56 x 12mm, and there’s a nice metallic finish to it that you can see in the pictures above. It’ll be available April, but there’s been no price announced yet. Looks rather swish, don’t you think?

(via Trusted Reviews)