In Soviet Russia, nuclear reactor goes on truck


If you needed further evidence that the Soviets were more than a little barmy, then here it is. They built a nuclear reactor onto a truck. Thats it, up there. They were used in the more distant corners of the country, presumably because in the more distant corners, fewer people would be irradiated when they used the things.

After the Chernobyl accident, the use of these things was discontinued, but crikey. Imagine seeing one of those things rolling up the main road of your town, village or hamlet. I’d run for my sodding life, wouldn’t you?

Niche of the Week: Trukz – a haulage-based MMO


There are some people who go mad over simulation games. It’s a bit like having a train set, but taken to the next level. Well, now you can ‘simulate’ driving thousands of miles across the American midwest, central Europe or the Australian outback in a text-based MMO called Trukz.

It’s got an amazing 16,368 players, who can haul different kinds of cargo through different places, join a company, monitor the weather and a wealth of statistics like fuel efficiency. There’s even accurately modeled driver fatigue and damage to the truck. It’s astonishingly detailed – but I’m sure that’s what its fans love the most about it.

If you fancy having a go, truck on over to the website, and register. There’s even a handy New Players Guide. Let us know your escapades in your cab in the comments below.

Trukz (via RPS)

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