Lightbulb/speaker mashups suddenly all over the web


Okay, ‘all over the web’ is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but just the other day, we spotted the Soundbulb over at Yanko Design. Today, I spotted this concept Bulb-Sound-Speaker over at Crunchgear. Two lamp-speakers in a week? I’m calling that a trend. Before the end of the month, we’ll be swimming in the things.

Silliness aside, it’s quite a cool concept, and could prove useful in public places – restaurants, elevators, etc. Of the two, only the Soundbulb works as a light as well, but they both rely on Bluetooth to ferry the music around the place wirelessly. Would I use one of these? No. Do I think they’d sell? Most definitely.

(via Yanko Design and Crunchgear)

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VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, episode 7

Today I take a look at energy saving light bulbs. Sure, we’ve all replaced our old fashioned coal-powered light bulbs with new, efficient nuclear models to save money and/or the world – but now what? Is that it? Is there no more energy to be saved?

Yes! There is lots more energy to be saved! Allow me to tell you how to reduce your electricity bills further still, thanks to a little invention I’m calling “No Light bulbs.”

I can only apologise for the poor picture quality. It’s not a joke, I just cleaned the lens