I’ll make this easy for you. If the camera is the most important feature of a mobile phone for you, then you should probably buy the LG Viewty Smart. Here’s why:

A lot of phones tout their picture taking abilities but the Viewty Smart is one of perhaps three I’ve ever used that’s got anything like the hardware to back that claim up. With its top notch lens, an excellent interface, proper chipset and very impressive sensor, it really does the job. Hours of fun.

Like with all compacts, sometimes it requires a little patience with the auto-focus and there is an inevitable shutter delay but it’s as good as you can get right now. The only two slight complaints I have about the phone are that there’s no lens cover – poxy as they are, this is a piece of glass worth protecting – and that the phone feels a bit too light, almost like it’s going to squirt water at you when you try to make a call.

But, if you like cameraphones, or if you like LG, then look nor further for your next handset. The interface is a little on the meh side and no one’s going to be impressed when you pull it out your pocket but, then, that’s because no one’s going to know what a good piece of kit it is.

Pick it up here for free from £20 per month.

LG Viewty Smart (LG-GC900 ) on sale this month

DivX, Dolby and Orange stamps

We’d heard it was on Orange from June but LG has just announced that the LG Viewty Smart will be up for grabs this month.

The 8-megapixel cameraphone comes with a 3-inch WVGA screen, LED flash, up to ISO 1600 and will record video at DVD quality. It weighs a lightish 102g and is only 12.4 mm thick making it the slimmest 8-megapixel camera phone available.

Sadly, though, it does come lumbered with LG’s 3D interface that isn’t quite as usable as it looks. Let’s hope the touch factor is at least better than that on the Arena.

GALLERY: LG Viewty II aka Smart specs and pics

Pictures and specs of the LG Viewty II have been announced on LG’s euroblog and, fortunately, the folks over at Electric Pig have both keen eyes and a decent knowledge of German.

The handset, which looks to be an exclusive to Orange from June, will be known as the LG Viewty Smart – or the LG GC900 if you prefer the robotic way of life – and, if you’d like a closer look at it and a few inside bits and pieces on the specs, then I suggest you click the image below to begin the tour…