Pure launches its EVOKE Mio DAB & FM radio, a coloured-in update of the EVOKE-1S


The Pure EVOKE Mio comes in six “striking” colours – chilli (red?), chocolate (brown?), moss (green?), nicotine (yellow?), candy (pink?) and midnight (black?) – with the leather-esque front of each unit colour-coded so it’s as much fun to look at as listen to. Almost.

One of those colours is fictional, by the way. Can you guess which? That’s today’s FUN QUIZ! The Mio is rechargeable, apparently…

ASUS shows off the lovely leather U2E laptop in Korea – WANT!


With any luck this leather laptop from ASUS will be a darn-sight cheaper than the $5,000 offering from Lenovo – I’m a vegetarian but even I can appreciate how gorgeous that dead cow is, reclining on the metal interior of the U2E, above.

Measuring 11″, it’s just launched in Korea, and features an energy-efficient LED backlit display (1366 x 768, if you must know), a 32GB solid-state drive, and an Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 processor. There’s a DVD-Super Multi…

Proporta has your back (and iPod) covered with their Alu-leather 3G Nano cases

proporta-leather-cases.jpgProporta, kings of accessories for every gadget under the sun, has started selling some gorgeous leather cases for 3G iPod Nanos, so your little ‘Fatty’ won’t have to feel chilly any longer.

They’ll fit both the 4GB and 8GB models, and are apparently hand-crafted using ‘the softest leather’. As anyone with working eyes can see, they’re available in five colours, and will ensure your baby…

Proporta aim to protect your BlackBerry 8300 Curve with their cases

I’m sure the people who buy cases for mobile phones, iPods etc also keep the plastic wrapping on their sofas after bringing them home from IKEA, heaven forbid you scratch the lovely surface of your shiny iPod or BlackBerry.

Having said that, the leather case from Proporta on the left there is rather nice, and smart for businesspeople on the go. It’s custom-made so fits the BlackBerry 8300 Curve perfectly, and is only £26.95. Vegetarians might prefer the non-leather option…