Technology Deathmatch: LCD vs Plasma vs OLED – TV Take Down


Good afternoon grappling fans and welcome once again to the only show in the consumer technology universe where hardware, software and ware between the two rip each other chip from circuit board in the quest to find out who is the greatest of them all. Last week’s big event saw the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm go five rounds trying to tear each other new recharge sockets and see who really was the smartest phone. The ringside gentry have only just managed to pick the solder out of their fur coats and the images of cracked WVGAs from their nightmares.

Today we’ve got a first for you as the specced-up smack down goes triple threat. We’ve gone three for the price of two to compete with all the other credit crunch bargain deals, not the we ever have any problem selling out the Deathmatch Arena. Yes, the -32nd floor of Shiny Towers is buzzing with anticipation this right now as we add a new twist to an age old debate.

Still half an hour before the fighters take the stage in our illegal den of high stakes and low morals but the mold soaked walls are already fit to bursting with the twice capacity crowd who’ve somehow pushed their ways beyond the gates and straight through our tech-tight ticketing system.

With viewing angle being of paramount importance in today’s bout we steep-raked the seating on all four sides but the extra numbers have filled the two metre ringside gully and now everyone’s on their feet. The back rows tell the front rows to sit down and the front rows shake their fists at the uninvited in the pit who push and bustle and shoulder and jostle to get elbows out of their ribs, heals off their toes and all for a better view of the action; a swarming sea of grey shirted arms and flat caps.

This crowd has come for quality, a final fight to the death and that’s exactly what they’ll get in the challenge to decide which is the superior kind of screen. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s the flat panel extravaganza, the home cinema hum dinger, the Technology Deathmatch TV Take Down.