Everyone's favourite geek toy just got scarier: Lost characters as Kubricks


Now these are flippin’ scary, and rather expensive too, at ¥14,979 (£74) for the above boxset, which contains seven characters from Lost.

I can see Jack, Sawyer looks dead-realistic, as do Sayid, a trim-looking Hurley, very bald Locke, and ‘ya’ll everybody’-singing Charlie. But please don’t tell me that’s Kate, squeezed in between her two men, Jack and Sawyer? I knew she had butch arms, but jeepers…

Daft Punk proves they're Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger with some limited edition Bearbricks

Kubricks and vinyl toys’ popularity continue to soar (and not just amongst geeks), with these Daft Punk Bearbricks perfect proof of just how mainstream the once-cult toy collecting fad has become. It doesn’t mean I want them any less, of course!

Fans should be aware of why the French electronica duo wear helmets – as shown on the Bearbricks pictured – but if not, Thomas Bangalter from the dance act explains it quite well here. “We did not choose…