Koogle – the search engine with a difference


Koogle, the kosher web search engine for the ultra-orthodox Jew, has been launched.

The search engine only works six days a week (no surfing on the Sabbath) and omits material that may be deemed unsuitable for the religion. Shopping results will exclude links to butchers who stock non-kosher foods, as well as blocking retailers who sell products such as televisions – banned in the households of orthodox Jews.

The word Koogle is an amalgamation of the Hebrew word kugel, a traditional Jewish baked dish, and Google, the world’s most popular search engine.

I just had a look at Koogle, and I’ve got to say it’s not for me. I don’t speak Hebrew for a start. And I’m not Jewish. But if you are an orthodox Jew then give it a whirl. Mind you, if you were an orthodox Jew then you probably shouldn’t be reading Tech Digest. Koogle bans us after all.

(via BCS)