GPS-equipped jesuses thwarting baby thieves


Have you ever set up a Nativity scene on public display? Did your baby jesus get nicked?Apparently it’s a rather common problem, but a company called LightningGPS, who make GPS tracking units, are giving away units to churches, schools and community centres setting up their Nativity displays.

Sadly it’s an America-only offer, but I know we have a few American readers, so you might want to let your local pastor know. You can sign up for the offer here. Now what I want to see next is a Google Maps mashup of all the baby jesuses across America, and their recent travels…

LightningGPS (via PRWeb)

YouTube Hits: Jesus Punch Kung-fu!

Remember Monkey? Add a sachet of Jesus, a dollop of really cringe-worthy subtitling, and 250kg of radical kung-fu moves to the mixture, bake it for 36 seconds in YouTube, and voila! Jesus Punch Kung-fu!

Nigella is scribbling….

Jesus spotted in a mosaic of burnt toast


Holy toast, Batman, it’s… holy toast! At least, that’s what I thought when I first saw this photo of a street-art installation in Berlin, using loads of slices of toast to create a giant face. And you have to admit, it looks a lot like Jesus.