I had no idea I could talk for eight minutes on a handset that’s largely the same as the model before, so I’ll try to keep it short now. The bottom line is that the iPhone 3GS is a great phone. There’s no two ways about it. It’s a pleasure to have in your pocket and, just like the previous incarnations, it’s achingly slick.

To be picky, I’m not convinced on the usefulness of the voice control or how well it works on the street. The camera is a vast improvement and although it would be nice to be able to change the focus mid-action, the video capture works very well too.

If you have the money, then I would recommend this phone above any other I’ve used – bear in mind I’ve yet to get a proper hands on with the Palm Pre and Toshiba TG01 – but it does come at hefty price above and beyond any other smartphone out there. Probably the only mobile phone I’d bother insuring and certainly the only one I’d ever shell out up front for too.

iPhone 3GS on O2