LG launches portable, but not pico, projector


LG’s got rather a range of projectors, and the LG HS102 is the newest addition to that range. Rather than the business end of things, the HS102 covers the portable side of the spectrum.

It measures 154mm x 117mm x 50mm, and weighs less than a kilogram (780g), so it’s pretty dinky. It can throw a screen size of 500″, though, which is rather more on the impressive side.

Best of all, there’s no costly bulb replacements involved. The traditional projector bulb has been replaced by an LED variant which uses less power and should last for the entire lifetime of the projector. There’s built-in speakers too, as well as a remote control.


  • DFC: 2000:1
  • Brightness 160 (lumens, I presume, though that’s not specified)
  • Native res: 800 x 600 (not great, but it is a portable model)
  • Lens: Manual focus, fixed zoom
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 (no widescreen action here)

Not sure how much it costs yet, but I’ve got an email in to LG asking nicely. When they reply I’ll update this post. Meanwhile, ProjectorPlanet seems to be selling it for £500. It’s available now.