Babyglow: Global hypercolour to help prevent cot death


I was amazed to hear how rubbish babies are. They’re so rubbish that they can’t even control their own body temperature for the first two years of their lives and, essentially, that puts them in the same class as lizards as far as I’m concerned.

A pub landlord, by the name of Chris Ebejer, was just as horrified as me and decided to do something about it by inventing the Babyglow – an all-in-one baby suit that turns white whenever your tiniest one’s body temperature goes above 37C.

Seeing as the number one cause of cot death is overheating, it seems to me like Chris is onto an excellent idea, and I’m not the only one. The enterprising 42-year-old has won himself a contract to produce 900,000 Babyglows for £12.5m. Nice.

The Babyglow will launch in October, retail for a very reasonable £20 and come in pink, blue and green, for girls, boys and, er, greens.

(via Telegraph)