One third of all young 'uns mash up their mobiles on holiday


Leaving it on top of the car, chucking it on the floor and dropping it down the loo are just three of the terrible fates that befall a third of 16-24-year-olds’ mobile phones when they go on holiday. I’m sure I remember through bleary eyes losing one to a pile of vomit – my own, vomit of course. So, I washed it off but I think some of that HCL coated semi-digested matter did the damage on the inside.

Actually, I can’t do that to you. That’s a lie. I’ve never lost or destroyed a mobile phone in my life but I think I might be in the minority there. I’ve never jumped into the sea with one in my pocket, put one through the washing machine by accident or had my dog chew away at the LCD. Never.

According to a Tesco survey, though, a lot of people have which is why they’d like to let us know that they’re stocking the rugged and largely indestrucatble Land Rover S1 Sonim phone which is waterproof, drop proof to 2m and can take up to 1,000kg of pressure (per what area, I don’t know). You can pick one up on PAYG or contract from here and they’re even bunging in all sorts of games consoles and laptops as a sweetener.