Klang speakers beam tunes straight to you, just you…only you


No, they aren’t a pair of death-rays, it’d be cool if they were, I know where I’d be aiming them (Stroud). Designed by Adam Moller and dubbed Klang, they are in fact a pair of speakers. But with a difference – they beam music straight in your ears.

I know all speaker do that. What I mean is, just you. So you’re sat in a room and your housemates are watching Desperate Housewives, but you loathe it, so you sit with your laptop on-knee perusing Tech Digest and with these bad-boys aimed at you, you can listen to music without your housemates hearing a note.

I know what you’re thinking, the opportunity for some outrageous practical jokery with these would be far too tempting to ignore. Aiming them at passers-by in the street out of your bedroom window.

“This is God – give up your career – your fate is in musical theatre. Tell them…God sent you. Peace out.”