Will Google Wave be a huge success? Five problems it will have to overcome

Although it has many unique features people are already using web based tools and sites to make and share documents. In a very basic way there is a great deal of collaboration already going on via Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace, while at the more corporate end of the spectrum are several excellent collaboration tools already such as the UK's very own Huddle. Then of course there are already millions of people across the globe using Microsoft's collaboration tools.

Google Waves hello with its the social media aggregator to end all others


Google is introducing some frighteningly integrated web software that I can best describe as a kind of live, collaborative Facebook page. Google Wave will bring together all of your social media apps and all your media itself together in a place where it can be accessed by as many people as you like at one time. It can be added to, commented on and edited in more ways than I can get my tiny little mind around at 5pm in the afternoon the day after the Champions League final.

In a phone interview with Google software engineering manager, Lars Rasmussen, Tech Radar got the full low down on precisely what Wave can do but, suffice to say, it looks like a lot of fun.

Wave’s being shown off at Google’s I/O in San Franciso. It is, of course, all open source so that people can write extensions for it much like Firefox, it works in a browser, embedded in sites and the big G is also releasing an API for it.

They’ll be more on it including a video demo as soon as it goes official in America and doubtless we’ll all be addicted to it about three days after it’s ours to use. The mind blowing continues.

Google Wave