Google Chrome OS to take on Windows from 2010

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Google has announced plans today to launch an entire computer operating system under the Chrome banner to take the fight to Microsoft’s very heartland. It’s initially aimed at netbooks but it’s pretty clear that the grand plan is total PC domination.

Being Google the platform will be entirely open source with the code available to developers in the coming weeks. It’ll be a light-weight system, presumably with a strong emphasis on the a software suite in the cloud. Small wonder we saw Gmail and the Docs leave beta yesterday.

Their aim is to produce something from the bottom up for the always-connected web generation of computing, something that, unlike Windows, does not rely on a core architecture already known for its weakness to malware. To do both Microsoft and Google some justice here though, Windows has been redeveloped quite some number of times and it’s not as if Chrome OS is going to be a completely fresh start. It’s already based on Linux which has been around for years.

What’s more, one of the reasons Windows is more susceptible to attack than any other OS is because 90% of computers run it. It makes sense for hackers to aim their guns at it. The same will be true for any OS with majority market share.

Presumably Chrome OS will be free which is the real bonus to us all. It’ll also have PC manufacturers rubbing their hands with glee as they’ll no longer have to pay whacking great licenses to Microsoft. Doubtless that saving will also be passed on to us.

I’m not saying that Google are the good guys but it makes little difference who out of them and Gates, Ballmer & Co. has the monopoly. So, I’ll stick with the one who charges me less and, besides, I’ve had enough of scratching around for product keys on lost CD cases.

(via Gblog)