Tech Trumpet: Mad Skype Mix


Welcome to a new weekly feature: Tech Trumpet. Each week, I’ll be attempting to create something vaguely resembling “music” using various gadgets and computers.

This week, to ease things in gently, here’s a track made up entirely of sounds from my favourite piece of communications software, Skype. I’ll leave you to judge whether it’s electronica, synth, ambient, all or none of the above.

Hit the jump to play the music and find out what’s coming next week…

Apple launches iLife 08: updated digital lifestyle tools

apple_ilife_08.pngApple has updated its iLife software with what it claims is the most significant upgrade ever to their digital lifestyle applications.

New features include a revamped iPhoto which automatically groups photos in events, each containing a day’s worth of photos represented by a single picture, as well as offering new presentation and printing options.

iMovie has been completely ‘reinvented’ and now lets users import video from the latest AVCHD, HDV and DV cameras and digital cameras, as well as displaying a user’s entire movie collection, which can be viewed simply by skimming the mouse over the clip.