Zeemote, sounds German yes? “Pass me zee mote”. But it’s not. The Zeemote is Bluetooth anologue controller for all your mobile gaming needs, neato!

The Zeemote is a lovely feeling little device, its ergonomics are actually rather impressive. It sits rather brilliantly in your hand and offers you two trigger style buttons with the joystick and a power but on top for your thumb to do with as it pleases. The rubberized texture also gives you the purchase you need for some hardcore, extended mobile gaming.

Connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth is easy as wink, as long as your phone supports it, after you’re paired launch a game an you’ll get a prompt asking you if you’d like to use the Zeemote, and you’re away.


The in-game experience itself isn’t too shabby, the Zeemote actually works perfectly, you feel like you’ve got far greater control than you ever had prodding at the two, four, six and eight buttons. The Zeemote really comes into its own with flying games where you’ve got the analogue’s full range of movement at your thumb’s disposal. And due to its cunning design it works for leftys and rightys equally.

The Zeemote ships with Sony Ericsson’s latest Walkman phone free on T-Mobile. So if you’re desperate for a control for your on-phone gaming, it’s there waiting.

The sad fact is, the Zeemote works really well, it feels nice, and is genuinely a pretty decent product, but it’s about six years too late. Does anyone really play mobile games anymore? And if you do it’s certainly not with the zeal which you did when they were new.

The Zeemote is only supported on a limited number of phones and not the iPhone for which, with it’s legions of Flick Fishing and Field Runner addicts, it might have been a reasonable success, but tethered to the Sony Ericsson it provides a rather limited gaming experience. The Zeemote will end up at the bottom of your sock drawer, and what’s worse, when you find it a year later, you won’t even remember what it’s for.