Prices on the Panasonic HD BD Freesat recorders


We took a look at the Panasonic Everything range of three HD Freesat recorders when they were launched a while back and only feared how much such high spec, high end recorders can cost. Well, the wait is over today and the answer is that they’re reassuringly expense.

The DMR-BS850 and DMR-BS750 are the same beast only the former has a 500GB HDD and the latter 250GB. They record and play Blu-ray and Freesat, support and encode the H.264 file format and work with both DTS and Dolby HD surround sound standards. They’ll cleverly cost you £1,000 and £900 respectively. Who isn’t going to spend the extra £100?

The third choice is the £750 DMR-XS350 which only writes to DVDs and not Blu-rays but will, of course, still supply and store all the HD content you need.

Nice little items, the three of these. Good quality looking products if you’ve got the cash for them. Stick to HD internet downloads played via USB on your TV if you can’t.