Free Music Friday for Vodafoners

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Tomorrow is Free Music Friday, well, if you’re a Vodafone customer it is.

Vodafone is marking the release of unlocked tracks on it’s music store by offering eight songs for free! Eight whole freaking songs!

Want to see the songs? Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic; Daniel Merriweather – Change; Lady GaGa – Poker Face; Lily Allen – Not Fair (Style Of Eye remix); Pixie Lott – Rolling Stone; Simple Minds – Rockets; Tinchy Stryder feat N-Dubz – Number 1; Clubbers Guide 2009 Mixtape.

Awesome yes? What a reward for Vodafone’s loyal customers. Finally, you’ll be able to listen to song’s you’ve, you know – bought, on whatever you like, not just your phone. And to celebrate that momentous victory of consumer over company, you can listen to Dappy and his buddies making raps and what have you.

That is what you do isn’t it – make a rap? I mean rap isn’t a verb, unless you’re rapping someone across the knuckles – surely…surely!

Vodafone is clearly hasn’t realized since Spotify appeared everyday is Free Music day.

Vodafone: What. A. Joke.

As a mark of protest can everyone on Vodafone please download all eight songs and then delete them.