Firefox 3.5 out tomorrow


Mozilla has confirmed that version 3.5 of their popular web browser, Firefox, will be released tomorrow – thus fulfilling their promise of a June release…just.

Codenamed Shiretoko – which incidentally is a peninsula in the north-east of Japan geography lovers – version 3.5 is a confusing number jump from the current 3.0.11. Version 3.1 was planned for a December 2008 release but a greater scope in changes, due to numerous bugs, has led Mozilla to jump straight to the 3.5 moniker.

Firefox 3.5 has been available in beta for a couple of weeks now and is said to offer greater performance for the user, although there are suggestions that the beta version of the new Google Chrome release is even faster.

One of the major upgrades of 3.5 is the support for HTML 5 video and audio. Other changes include a private browsing feature, for the more prudent web surfer, and improved add-on features. In all there are over 5,000 changes although the majority of these will be unnoticeable for the end user.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow you can get the beta here. Or, just wait and Firefox will prompt you to update when it is ready.

(via PCPro)