Sony launches semi-portable entertinment Vaio NW series


Sony has launched a rather middle of the road Vaio range in the UK today known as the NW series. Now, that’s not supposed to be as damning as it sounds. I say middle of the road because you probably wouldn’t call it a portable at 2.7kg and you you might not rely on it as your main home PC with a 15.5″ screen. I think its best description is as your secondary home machine. What do you mean? It’s a Vaio. Of course you can afford three computers.

Like the little one from earlier, it’s got a 16:9 WXGA Sony X-Black LCD which should provide a lovely picture and an HDMI port on the back so you can watch all your HD downloads on your nice big Sony Bravia. You get 500GB of HDD for your storage or if you opt for the upgrade you get a Blu-ray combo drive to playback from plus a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card for good measure too.

Naturally, it has all the lush Vaio stylings but they’ve also added some quick access options in the shape of a WEB launch button which’ll express boot a tailor made browser and a DISPLAY OFF switch, which along with raw materials and recycling standards, affords the NW series an ENERGY STAR 5.0 rating of eco-generosity.

It’s powered by a 2.1GHz T6500 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and 4GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM, so it’s not exactly a performance machine but it should certainly do you proud provided you’re not planning on doing any really serious gaming/video editing/defragging/DVD ripping multi-tasking.

Both versions (BD and non-BD) are out at the end of this month starting at £750 and you can pick them up in silver and gun metal brown which I never thought was a shade of brown but there you go.

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