Le Web 3: Highlights from the French web 2.0 conference, plus the all-important explanation

This rather dishy Frenchman, Loïc Le Meur? Not only can he woo you with blue cheeses and strong wine, he’s also France’s most prolific blogger, and organiser of the Le Web conferences, of which two of Shiny Media’s directors, Katie Lee and Chris Price, have been live-blogging today.

In its third incarnation this year, organiser Loïc Le Meur has thrown a two-day conference in Paris, with panels consisting of the creme de la creme of the online world.

As Katie eloquently said in her first live-blog post this morning, ‘I always feel a little forlorn that the internet has turned into crowds of consultants and people like us with our Web 2.0 companies, Twittering, Digging, Liveblogging…

Le Web 3: Andrew Keen and Emily Bell ask if social media is killing our society?

I’m currently privy to a very interesting and tightly argued discussion about whether the web is killing our society. It seems that Emily Bell (of The Guardian Unlimited) and controversial author Andrew Keen (most famous for ‘Cult of the Amateur’) have argued this many many times before and seem to have a very easy relationship where they feel comfortable insulting each other like some sort of bickering elderly couple.

I’ve put in some of their key points below, but for a short precis of how the argument went: Andrew makes a point about how the internet is rubbish (in one way or another), Emily calmly points out why he is wrong…