eBay scammer told to cough up £102,000…


An eBay fraudster has been ordered to pay back £102,000 of money he scammed on the internet auction site by Preston Crown Court.

Jonathan Hartley sent out bogus electronic goods all around the world from 11 separate accounts making a total of £140,000. So my first question is, what about the other £38,000? So, does he get to keep that?

Just in case anyone has decided that that means that crime does indeed pay should note that Mr Hartley has already been sent down for 18 months for the crime and faces a further 12 months slapped on if he fails to come up with the cash.

He was clever enough to use a string of fake names and addresses while operating out of his parents’ place in Nelson, Lancashire, but after 1,600 complaints and evidence from 640 victims the police were able to bring Mr Hartley to trial.

Judge Simon Newell has set aside £927 compensation for each of the known victims of the fraud. Worth looking to see if the names are all anagrams of John Hartley.

(via The Citizen)