Dell launches 12.1" E4200 notebook among new Latitude E Series range


Dell launched a whole bunch of fairly grey laptops yesterday in the shape of the new Latitude E series of notebooks designed primarily for the business world. To be fair to the world’s biggest flogger of reasonably priced computers, they have started offering the new Latitudes in five colours, although one of them is metal and another black.

The Latitiude Es include the high performance “Mainstream” E6400 and E6500 with 14.1″ and 15.4″ screens at the prices of £709 and £729 respectively; the more cost-effective “Essential” E5400 and E5500, available in the same screen sizes from just £469 and the military grade “Semi-Rugged” Latitude E6400 ATG, with a 14.1″, from £899.

Of far greater interest to us consumers, though, is the ultra-mobile Dell Latitude E4200 that measures up with a 12.1″ screen and weighs just 997g…