PS3 firmware upgrade 2.3 will give DTS-HD Master Audio support, hurrah!


It’s official – the PS3 is now the best Blu-ray player you could throw your money at, and one of the cheapest too, at £299.99.

Sony has just announced the PS3 now has DTS-HD Master Audio support, which is one of the highest resolution audio formats for films, with Dolby TrueHD being the only other contender. Support for that format, and DTS-HD High Resolution, will become available in the latest firmware upgrade, version 2.3, due out on April the 15th.

Most new Blu-ray players can output DTS-HD MA, however only a small amount of AV receivers can actually decode it. The popular (amongst audiophiles) format gives the user a 7.1 audio channel, which is as close as you’ll get to the original studio master. The update will output all 7.1 channels via HDMI,…