Viewsonic unveils exceptionally thin All-In-One PC


Wow. What a picture. Rave budgies in cyberspace. I hope whoever stuck that together in Photoshop is doing okay now and taking things a little easier in rehab.

Ahem. Viewsonic’s releasing an All-in-One PC. It’s called the VPC100, and it’s the first in a line of ‘nettops’ that the company will be releasing. It’s just 3.5cm thick, making it skinnier than a rake on a diet. It’s got a 19″ 16:9 LCD, and all the guts are crammed behind that.

So given how thin it is, the specs must be ‘budget’, right? Well, unfortunately yes. A 160GB hard disk, 1.6GHz Atom processor, and 1GB of RAM. There’s also a card reader, webcam, DVD writer and integrated speakers. It comes with Windows XP, though I’d suggest upgrading to Windows 7 or Ubuntu ASAP.

The VPC100 costs £500, which sounds a little on the steep side, but it really depends on the quality of the display. If it’s a decent screen, then this could be a nice little media streaming device for a location that doesn’t have a main display. It’ll be available Mid-May.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Philips working on microbubble technology for more targeted cancer treatment


Philips is currently researching into a less invasive procedure for treating patients with cancer and other conditions, using drug-loaded microbubbles.

These bubbles are about the same size as red blood cells, and can be injected into a patient’s bloodstream and then tracked via ultrasound imaging.

Drugs would only be released once they reached the required place – a tumour growth, for example. Not only might this increase the effectiveness of the drug, but cut down on unpleasant side-effects…

Tried to make Amy Winehouse go to rehab, she said 'No, no, not unless it improves my search engine ranking'

wino.jpgIt’s not much fun being Amy Winehouse at the moment, what with the dodgy husband, the parents asking people to stop buying your records, the paparazzi popping out from behind bins, and the continual reports claiming you have a drug habit that makes Pete Doherty look like a lightweight.

You’d think the silver lining would be a search engine ranking going through the roof, but not according to Yahoo’s Buzz Index for musicians.