Disposable mobile phone manufacturer announces Hop1800 phone, still hates environment


Looking more mobile phone than cardboard cut-out, Hop-on’s latest disposable phone certainly has the edge over the previous design. It still doesn’t have a screen, but for US$10 (£5), that doesn’t seem like too much of a problem.

Rather cheekily, they’re advertising this mobile as the ‘anti-iPhone’, which to be fair, could be any budget handset’s cry. Still, there’s four hours of talk-time…

Win a disposable, cordless mobile charger from Mobcharger – perfect for Glastonbury Festival!

Glastonbury Festival kicks off next week, and we’ve got a killer competition to get you just in the mood for all that aural pleasure your ears will be receiving.

The kind folks at Mobcharger have given us a bunch of their mobile phone chargers to give to 12 lucky readers located in the UK. These pocket-sized mobile phone chargers are disposable and cordless, so perfect for the five days you’ll be spending swimming around in mud out in the country. No more refraining from texting your mates, for fear of running out of battery!

We’ve got several of each sort to give away to 12 people to enter the competition, so if you have a Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Mini USB phone, read on below the jump for how to enter…