Space Phallus – the best 8-bit game you've never played

Space Phallus Trailer @ Yahoo! Video

Space Phallus. Just from the name you already know what to expect. It’s an 8-bit shoot-em-up game featuring many, many cocks. You control the disembodied head of a dog, and you’ve got to make your way through space while waves of evil space penises assault you.

It’s available as downloads for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and it weighs in at about 10MB (well, the Windows version does, anyway). Download. Unzip. Cocks. The arrows move your ship around, z shoots, x shoots missiles, and c activates ‘fire breath’.

The best thing? It’s not only completely ridiculous, it’s actually an incredibly fun game, too. Kudos to creator Charlie of Charlie’s Games.

Space Phallus (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

CelebrityTweet – behind the velvet rope


If you’re an avid Twitterer, and you want to keep up with the comings-and-goings of various celebrities, then you can just follow them. If you’re not, however, and you still want to keep in touch with what famous people spend their time doing, then you might do well to bookmark CelebrityTweet.

It’s a site that aggregates the Twitter accounts of only famous people. Sadly, that doesn’t include me, yet. Present and correct, though, are Wil Wheaton, Barack Obama, Lance Armstrong and Robert Llewellyn. Recent updates include @bobbyllew getting excited about the Tesla, and @lancearmstrong saying how nice Adelaide is.

Useless if you’re already a Twitter user, though. If you are, console yourself by measuring your Twick size. Not kidding. Mine’s a respectable 7″, the same as @techdigest. Top of the table are @techmeme and @cnetnews with massive 20″ twicks. Childish? Yes. Fun? Yes.

Celebrity Tweet (via Mashable!) and Twick Size

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