Dell Inspiron 545 – pretty, slim desktops with silly colour names


Having successfully sexed up their notebook image, Dell is now at it with desktops to prove to the world that the 5kg space hogs are actually worth it. The plan, once again, is plaster the thing with colour and encourage you to take it out from under the desk on put it on show for the world to see.

Ladies, gentlemen – meet the Dell Inspiron 545 with Intel Core 2 CPU which will come in a choice of slim and mini-tower starting at a very modest £279 and packing up to 8GB of RAM once you’ve most likely doubled that figure.

If Intel’s not your thing, Dell’s also bringing out the 546 desktops with either Athlon 64 X2 or Phenom X4 CPUs but sadly in just plain, old black.

No specifics time-wise other than “later this spring” but do bear in mind that if you go for the smaller case options you are limited in a few areas including an HDD of up to 750GB rather than the full horror of 1TB. Still, all a very good step forward in this market.


Dell (via Computer Shopper, pics T3)

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