Mind that vacuum cleaner, it's Tuesday housekeeping here at Tech Digest


Just a spot of housekeeping here on Tech Digest today, with a few new changes to our staff roll-call.

Firstly, our Editor In Chief, Stuart Dredge, has moved over to the green pastures of Pocket Gamer, a site dedicated to keeping you informed about mobile gaming. It appears the mobile gaming industry isn’t scared of him just yet, after he recently accused them of being sexist at the GDC!

I’ll be taking over the site as Editor, after close to a year of pouring Stu endless cups of coffee and picking up his drycleaning being Deputy Editor. You can reach me at [email protected].

The hugely-knowledgeable Dave Walker is still contributing to the site, in fact, as our new Contributing Editor. You can reach him here if you fancy swinging some compliments his way.

Staff writers still include…