RUMOUR: Nikon D3000 and D300s images leaked?

Liked the look of the Nikon D5000 in our review earlier this month but can’t afford to cough up the £640 to make it yours? Well, according to rumours circulating in cyberspace a stripped down version of the D5000 could be on its way in the form of the D3000:


The D3000 appears to be slightly less, shall we say, fat than the D5000 and it doesn’t look as if there is a swivel LCD display. It will probably have reduced flash components with a smaller viewfinder. There’s no sight of a microphone or an HDMI port either.

It isn’t just the D3000 that is shamelessly flaunting itself for the world to see either – the D300s is also allegedly getting in on the act:


This looks like an upgrade to the existing D300. Rumours are rife that the D300s may include 720p video recording as well as SD memory card storage, a quiet shutter mode and the muscle to continuously shoot at 8fps.

(via Electronista)