Swedish audio-buffs JAYS announce v-JAYS on-ear headphones


Swedish audiophiles JAYS have been knocking out affordable high-performance headphones for a while now. Their amazing j-JAYS In-Ear Noise Cancelling headphones were a constant companion of mine for well over a year, until that fateful day. No, don’t. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve moved on.

So I was excited to see that JAYS are to release an open, on-ear headphone next month. JAYS promise that the new v-JAYS, will “deliver finer bass without overwhelming the finer audio nuances that some other headphones often miss”. Which is nice.

JAYS new foldable 59g badboys will be available from the start of June for £59.99 – look out for a full review in the coming days.