Fourth generation espionage: How spy agencies are turning to Quantum computing and AI

The head of MI6, Alex Younger, says there is a need for “fourth-generation espionage” as adversaries take advantage of “blurred lines” between the cyber and physical worlds. Here are some of the ways Britain’s security services are adopting, and responding to, modern technology. – Artificial intelligence and quantum computing These are potentially valuable tools for…

Cyber security: 8 tips to keep your devices safe

Every month cyber security becomes a more pressing issue for both people and businesses alike. With frequent headlines reporting data breaches at a corporate level, individuals may believe they’re not a tantalising target for hackers.   Unfortunately, this assumption is wrong. A recent report revealed that 86 per cent of respondents believe they may have experienced a phishing incident, whilst 40 per cent of millennials have experienced…

Are security concerns and high costs to blame for slow smart home take up?

While a new survey suggests disappointing growth, a new generation is set to embrace the benefits of the hi-tech home. Chris Price reports Despite an increased awareness of what a smart home actually is, uptake for smart home technology still remains surprisingly low. At least that’s one of the key findings of a national survey…

IoT threat as UK businesses hit 43,000 times EACH by cyber attacks in 3 months

UK businesses were subjected to almost 43,000 cyber attacks each, on average, in the first quarter of 2017, with hackers doubling their efforts to take control of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the workplace, according to a report from business ISP Beaming. Over 90 per cent of internet-borne cyber attacks on UK businesses targeted connected Internet…

Britain to set up cyber-security centre


Gordon Brown has announced the creation of a cyber-security operations centre to protect Britain for cyber-attacks. “Just as in the 19th century we had to secure the seas for our national safety and prosperity, and in the 20th century we had to secure the air, in the 21st century we also have to secure our position in cyberspace,” he said.

The team is set to include young computer geeks with questionable pasts. Terrorism Minister Lord Alan West said: “You need youngsters who are actually deep into this stuff. If they’ve been slightly naughty, very often they really enjoying stopping others.”

The aim of the unit will be to protect sensitive systems from spies, thieves, terrorists and other Bond-villains. West has stated that BT’s systems, for example, come under attempted attack at least 1,000 times a day. Jonathan Evans, head of MI5, has warned that both China and Russia are spying on Britain through technology.

In response to this news I’d just like to make it known that I, myself, am somewhat of a computer geek and I do have the required questionable past – I used to copy Amiga games off of my mates. I’d be willing to join the crack team for a £50k salary, company car and Bupa membership.

(via Fox News)