Ricoh CX1 compact camera – SHINY VIDEO REVIEW

I’ve always quite fancied the looks of the Ricoh cameras but it was the Queen of the Compacts, Zara from Shiny Shiny, who got to take a look at the £299 Ricoh CX1 and I think she quite liked it.

Yes, it may only be blessed with a 9.2-megapixel sensor but a CMOS beats a CCD hands down in the point and press department. You also get a decent optical zoom range of a wide angle 28mm to an up close 200mm. The 4fps rapid fire will certainly come in handy and the 1cm macro is a bonus too but I’d like to see some more manual control if you’re forking out 300 smackers for the privilege. Know what I mean?

Shiny Video Review: Nikon COOLPIX L100

I’ve never used an AA battery powered camera and I’m not quite sure if it’s supposed to be a plus point or not. Either way, that’s how the £239.99 Nikon Coolpix L100 works. It’s got plenty of good features from more powerful cameras without so much of the blink detection-type gimmicks but the question is, how does it actually stand up to use…

On the one hand, it’s quite fun to play with and I did get some good looking shots out of it in quite low dark conditions with the black and whites coming out particularly well. The trouble is that it’s things like the AF missing that might make you wonder why you didn’t go for an older Panasonic Lumix like the TZ5 for just £180.

In its favour, the L100 does have a lovely 3-inch screen with a nice, accurate display of the shots you’ve taken and you’d certainly be happier enough if someone bought one for you. However, if it’s your own cash and you’ve got the time, I’d recommend researching something else.

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