Cocaine users bragging about it on Facebook – what else is lurking on FB?

gary%20and%20sonic%20200.JPGGary Cutlack investigates…

Spurred on by media reports of pro-cocaine groups INFESTING the beast that is Facebook, I thought I’d have a look around and see what other shameful activities are listed on the social networking hotspot.

This is no mere blog update – it’s fierce investigative journalism that could bring the Facebook house of cards CRASHING DOWN!

Here are the top ten most shameful Facebook groups I’ve dug up today.

1. “People who like to sit in baths full of champagne whilst wanking and eating truffles and caviar and filling in forms for Job Seekers Allowance”
Sadly no one has uploaded any videos, which leads me to believe this may be a fake. I have signed up anyway, to, er, investigate further.

2. “If Kate Moss does cocaine, it should be legal”
Probably not entirely serious, this one, especially as it has the tagline “Cocaine is still illegal. Even with Kate Moss as their spokesperson.” Still, it’s all you’d need to hang a story off if you were a News of the World reporter looking to brand Facebook a SICK DRUGS DEN…

Poor rock stars: Squier Strat electric guitar seized in Italian customs, full of cocaine

When I first saw this photo, my naive mind assumed it was a very poorly made cake with black marzipan icing, but on closer inspection…yep, that looks like Pete Doherty’s annual intake of Columbian marching power.

The black Squier Strat electric guitar was reportedly filled to overflowing with €2,500,000 worth of pure coke, and attempted to be smuggled from Costa Rica to Rome by an unnamed 30-year old suspect. Not…