Citizen's Seismic Watch earthquake warning system

citizen_seismic_watch.jpgThis chunky man’s watch features an Earthquake Early Warning radio receiver inside it, so if the roof’s about to cave in you’ll have a chance to put some clothes on so you’re not dragged out of the rubble naked on live TV.

The EEW warning system will be broadcast via radio waves, hopes Citizen, with the radio system faster than other…

MMS-witness: citizens can text in pics of criminals

mmswitness.jpgWaleli, a wireless innovations company, has developed a new system called MMS-witness that allows anyone with a camera on their mobile phone to assist in fighting crime.

It allows the police to easily accept pictures and movies taken by members of the public using mobile phones, and is supposed to increase the chances of a successful arrest by then sending relevant images back to police officers in the locality.