Christian Guitar Hero: Like Guitar Hero but with God instead of Satan as the final boss character?


I derive most of my philosophy for life from the film School of Rock. In the film, Tenacious D’s Jack Black plays a school teacher teaches a bunch of school kids about rock & roll, and what it really means to rock out. He teaches them about real values like sticking it to the man and about questioning authority and not blindly obeying it. So it isn’t exactly surprising to learn that a few Christian types take exception to rock & roll – and have labelled it satanic. In the past they’ve even cited l istening to Stairway to Heaven backwards as evidence of satanic messages (presumably because they’ve never listed to, say, Slayer, forwards).

As you might imagine though, this all makes playing Guitar Hero tricky for pious Christians who want to rock-out too, but in a way that isn’t going to send them to Hell. Lucky then, that Digital Praise has come up with a Christian clone of Guitar Hero: Guitar Praise: Solid Rock for the PC…

Will Christian Dior be joining the hordes of fashion labels, and produce a mobile phone?


You’re not a proper fashion designer unless you’ve tried your hand at designing a mobile phone (see: Motorola and Dolce & Gabbana, LG and Prada, Samsung and Armani amongst others), and considering Dior is one of those labels even your accountant has heard of, it’s surprising we’re only hearing about a possible product launch this year.

The above blingtastic handset has been shown over at Engadget Mobile, although little else is known about it. Swarovski crystals are a go-go, however, according to the photo, as well as its own…remote control….