LG Chocolate BL40: photos and more deets


Photos of the under wraps mobile of the moment, the LG BL40, have appeared on a German forum confirming some things we knew and some we didn’t.

You can see from the shots that we have confirmation that this next Black Label phone is indeed sexy. The 21:9, 800 x 345 res screen is there for all to see. What we now know is that it’s got a 5-megapixel Schneider-Kruznach lens camera, 355MB of onboard storage (expandable by microSD), Wi-Fi and an FM transmitter.

It’s of little surprise that it also runs on the S-Class operating system given what we’ve already witnessed in the promo video and LG’s push of the jury’s out software. Perhaps the most interesting news of all, though, is the image over the jump…

…a sibling! What is this? Another Black Label Chocolate handset? A feature phone? One for the style conscious and function frightened? That’s my guess. Looks rather like a MP3 player too. With the BL40 set to launch next month, expect to be hearing more developments on a bi-weekly basis. Only a matter of time before a German website spills the beans.


(via Engadget)