Microsoft to unveil Wii-style motion controller at E3?


Are Microsoft going to release a Wii remote rival at E3 this year? Recently released patent applications might suggest so.

The application, for a motion controller called Magic Wand, that interacts with a collection of sensors was filed in 2007.

But Microsoft, being the ruddy sods they are, are refusing to “comment on speculation”.

Creepily, the patent application also describes “biometric sensors” that would examine “fingerprint, hand geometry, hand vein pattern, palm pattern, and grip configuration” along with “facial thermogram, a facial feature, a retinal feature, or an iris feature”.

This might allow you to put your face in-game on-the-fly. It also might allow Microsoft to hijack your face and your biometrics and use them to implicate you in a series of grisly politcal murders. I’ve got your number Gates, you’ll have to get up earlier than that to get one over on me – TechDigest Writer.