How Online Casinos Are Pioneering Hybrid Games

In the hyper-competitive online gaming industry, the most successful developers are those that can constantly create an innovative and immersive new entertainment experience for their users. We've seen how mobile developers have been attempting to do this through the use of hybrid digital/AR gaming experience, or how game console developers are implementing cross-platform products that…

Less Brits gambling despite rise of online casinos

online-poker.gifA question for you: are more or less people in the UK gambling now than in 1999? Bear in mind that since then, the entire industry of online gambling has sprung up, mushroomed, and lured millions of us into its clammy embrace (so we’re told, anyway).

It’s more, right? Wrong. According to a new study by the Gambling Commission, 72% of Brits gambled in 1999, compared to 68% now. Bear in mind this includes stuff like scratch cards and the national lottery, as well as sports betting, slot machines and casinos.