Scientists create 3D-printed hand that can play Jingle Bells!

Scientists have made a 3D-printed robot hand that can play Jingle Bells on the piano. Researchers at Cambridge University said soft and rigid materials in the design replicate the bones and ligaments of a human hand, but not the muscles or tendons. The hand cannot move its fingers independently, but can play simple musical phrases by…

Study shows that virtual worlds can influence real-world decisions


A group of scientists at Cambridge University has conducted a study that shows that associations in videogames transfer directly to the real world. A group of volunteers played a (rather basic, from the look of it) cycling game, where they would be given a slurp of fruit juice if a cyclist from their team passed them, but a slurp of salty tea if a rival cyclist passed them.

A few days later, the participants were invited back and given the choice of two chairs in the waiting room, one with the logo of their team, and one with the logo of the rival team. Three quarters of participants picked the chair with their team’s logo, despite most people claiming not to notice the design.