Google launches "Sync" beta for iPhone and Windows Mobile

Switching handsets is a pain, right? Having to copy across all your contacts, all your calendar info, your photos and videos, etc. Nightmare, unless you’ve got a handset like the INQ that just pulls it all off Facebook, or course. Well, Google wants to alleviate some of that pain with its release of “Sync”.

It’ll add your Google Calendar events and Gmail contacts to your phone, as well as syncing them in the background, over the air. Any changes you make are pushed, rather than pulled, onto the phone, so it all happens double-quick. If nothing else, it makes a handy backup of your important data if your phone gets stolen or lost. Now, where’s my S60 version?

Google Sync (via Official Google Blog)

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GMails adds gadgets for Calendar and Documents


Just a quick one, this, but enormously useful. Google has added gadgets to GMail that allow you to view your calendar and your documents in little boxes to the left of your window. If you’re anything like me, then you have your Gmail window open at all times, so this is an enormously useful addition to the web app. To turn them on, go to the “labs” section, by clicking the volumetric flask in the top right…