HP ProBook laptop series – business with Blu-ray


HP (does anyone call them Hewlett Packard any more?) are getting all professional on our collective consumer butt by encouraging our business aspiration with such words as glossy and noir to describe a range of mostly black laptops they call the HP ProBooks. Hmmm, that name rings a bell?

What they’re offering are the 15.6″ 4510s and 4515s, and the 17.3″ 4710s ProBooks. Each comes with an LED lit 16:9 display not a hint of mercury in sight. Just as with Dell, you can spec these things up and down more or less at will but on the whole, you’re looking at around a 2.1GHz processor with two cores either made by Intel or AMD and ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 4330 512MB graphics units, and as much RAM as you’re willing to pay for.


Blu-ray ROMS are as standard along with the slightly odd integrated numpad.

You can find more details on them over here with prices starting from £345. Expect your machine of choice to be pushing the £475 mark if you want a few reasonable extras.