OCD sufferers, rejoice: ThinkGeek now stocking the electronic bubble wrap popping keychain!

electronic-key-chain.jpgRemember that awesome electronic bubble-wrap popper game from Bandai, the Mugen Puchi Puchi, which up until now was only available in Japan? Time to head on over to ThinkGeek, and purchase one, as the US purveyors of electronic and geek tat have come to the rescue yet again.

In case you need a reminder, the keychain device contains eight rubbery buttons in the shape of bubble-wrap bubbles. When…

Indulge your bubble-wrap popping tendencies with Bandai's Mugen Puchi Puchi

bubble-wrap-game.jpgHands up who enjoys popping bubble-wrap? Oh hai, all of you? Thought so. The past-time which is only just eclipsed by folding tent rods up, and scraping burnt bits off toast over the sink has just been made into a little electronic gizmo, which lucky OCD-ridden Japanese can get from Bandai when it launches shortly.

Like a game of Russian Roulette, every 100 squeezes of the air bubbles produces a random noise like the sound of a fart, or a woman ‘moaning in ecstasy’. Fear not commuters, as if you simply must pop the electronic bubble-wrap on the train,..