50 Cent challenges anyone to beat him at his own game – literally


The making of Fiddy’s computer game hasn’t been without difficulty, but after two years, it’s finally due for a release in January. Still, the delay means one thing – the man himself has had a chance to get good at it:

“I actually had the opportunity to play it, and I’m pretty good at it. If anybody out there wants to create a challenge or wants to bet some money online, we could play the game right now.”

It’ll have 19 new, exclusive, tracks, as well as a bunch of Fiddy’s older stuff, including the big hits. Oh, and bizarrely, it’s apparently inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2006 film “Blood Diamond”. Still, I bet I could kick his arse at it, without too much trouble. You’re on, Fiddy.

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (via MTV.com)

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