Panasonic aiming for 40" OLED TV by 2010


Panasonic has decided that enough is enough and with Sony and Samsung looking to the future, it’s time to get busy living or get busy dying. To put that in a slightly clearer way, they’re going to start making OLED TVs too.

Pana’s decided, and quite rightly, that OLED is the TV of next Tuesday, so they’re teaming up with fellow Japanese company Sumitomo Chemical to design develop and manufacture a 40″ OLED by 2010, which gives them 18 months and counting to come good on their word. Good luck with that.

It’s excellent news for all fans of OLED tech out there, myself very much included, but, even if they do pull it off, I suspect it’ll still be many more years before someone makes an OLED that anyone can actually afford.