The Royal Wii – Queen receives gold Nintendo


Games company THQ has sent a gold-plated Nintendo Wii to Buckingham Place for HRH and pals to use at, and for, their leisure. It’s all a PR plan to promote the launch of the BIG Family game and it’s worked because a) it’s funny and b) I’m writing about it. So many levels.

There’s a lot of gags here about the Queen and her golden Wii, and I’m going to crack them by saying that I’m not going to crack them. Consider them cracked. Thankfully the 24 games in Big Family include golf, tennis, ladder golf, lawn darts, horseshoes, bocce (whatever the hell that is) and not swimming, otherwise I might have to start making comments about the use of Her Maj’s new toy for water sports. See where I’m heading with that?

Not likely that you and I will ever be able to bag ourselves one of these Nintendos but you can pick up the BIG Family game whenever it comes out. Soon, I should imagine.

(via Pocket-Lint)