GADGET SHOW LIVE 2009: Tech Digest "How To Theatre" Talks


Zara, Duncan, Chris and I spent last weekend up at the Birmingham NEC for the Gadget Show Live meeting hundreds of Tech Digest readers and making plenty of new friends while we were there too.

We had a fantastic response from our series of 30-45 minute “How To Theatre” guides to everything from HDTVs to free music and software but for those that couldn’t make it up there for the day, or those who couldn’t scribble everything down fast enough, we’ve compiled them into written form for you to digest, consider and cogitate at you leisure:

How To Theatre Talks

How to buy an HDTV and set up a home cinema

How to get all the software you’ll ever need for free

How to get the most from your mobile phone

How to take better photos and get the most from your digital camera